Pastor Chuck Bernal

Pastor Chuck is the Founder and Lead Pastor of LifePointe Church.

He was born in Nashville, TN, grew up in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and came to Fort Worth, TX in his early twenties.  He has an undergraduate degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University and a Master’s from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary here in Fort Worth. He started as a Youth Pastor in 1976 and has been serving churches in Florida, Michigan and Texas for the past 35 years.

Chuck met Carolyn Ridgeway in 1975 and they were married in 1980. Carolyn was a widow with three daughters and Chuck got an instant family. They had two more daughters and Chuck ended up being the only male in a house of 6 females (they even had two female dogs!!!).  Chuck and Carolyn have been married for 35 years and all the girls are now married with families of their own. They have 12 grandchildren – 8 grandsons and 4 granddaughters (a BIG reversal!!).

Pastor Chuck knows firsthand about the ups and downs of life.  He grew up  in a highly dysfunctional home with two alcoholic parents. After becoming a Christian in his teen years, Chuck felt God calling him to help others find the hope that changed his life.  That hope is what kept him going when, in 2000, a spinal cord problem sidelined him and caused him to be wheelchair bound for almost three years.  With therapy, hard work and much determination, Chuck was able to regain the use of his legs and can walk again – with the help of a cane. He attributes this ultimately to the Lord who gave him the strength to overcome this adversity.

During this time of physical and emotional upheaval, Chuck starting gaining weight which only served to compound his physical problems. On June 1, 2010, he reached the point where he was tired of being “STUCK” and he started a fitness program. One year later on June 1, 2011, he had lost 140 pounds and felt lighter – both physically and spiritually. He driving motivation during this time was to “honor God” and “become a model to others”. The results (as you can see & read about here) are amazing!

Before his spinal cord problem limited his physical activities, Chuck was an avid runner and golfer as well as being passionate about tennis and racquetball. He has been musician for over 40 years and loves to play the guitar and write music as well as surfing the web, reading and most of all, spending time with his awesome family and friends.

In 2014, Pastor Chuck was named one of the Top 10 Fittest Christian Leaders in America by Health Fitness Revolution. He strives to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle as part of the foundation for his preaching.

Pastor Chuck Fun Facts

  1. Favorite Movie: It’s A Wonderful Life
  2. Favorite Food:  Anything with the word STEAK in it!
  3. Bands I Loved As A Teenager (and still do!):  Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Grand Funk Railroad,
  4. Brush With Fame:  Once lived next door to Burt Reynolds’ basset hound named, “Clyde”
  5. Most Embarrassing Moment:  TWO – both involving funerals. Once I was an hour late to officiate a funeral and everyone had already left when I got there.  Once I officiated a funeral with my zipper down the whole time. It was winter in Michigan and when we got to the graveside – I felt  the cold wind!!!
  6. Favorite Pet:  Our deceased dog, Goldie.  She was a sweet and gentle cocker-mix.
  7. Little Known Fact: I was the Ridgmar Mall Santa Claus back in 1979 (I was very skinny then and they had to use a lot of padding!!)
  8. Favorite Vacation:  TWO – 1. Visiting Niagara Falls during their coldest summer on record (shivering in July!!!) and  2. Taking a road trip on the Pacific Coast Highway from Southern California to Northern California – very cool trip.
  9. How He Looked At Age 18: See for yourself right HERE! (He’s on the left and he is NOT standing next to Dog The Bounty Hunter.