At LifePointe Church we want to grow smaller during the week as we grow larger on the weekends. We do this through our small group ministry called LifeGroups. Our desire is that everyone who calls LifePointe home will be connected to a LifeGroup for fellowship, connection, ministry, and growth. LifeGroups are a place where we can share our lives with others. The good times, the tough times, and all the times in between.

More about LifeGroups

LifeGroups are all about fellowship, making new friends, encouragement, prayer and study of God’s Word as it relates to the issues and challenges of everyday life. In a LifeGroup you can take a break from the busy demands of everyday life and invest in what is really important: your relationship with God and your relationship with the people around you. In a growing church like LifePointe it is impossible to know everyone but you need to know someone. Most LifeGroups consist of 8-15 members that meet for an hour and a half twice a month throughout the community in homes of people just like you. We currently have four groups meeting on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday evenings. As we grow, we will be adding new groups to even better accommodate the busy schedules we all deal with.

Why should I join a LifeGroup?

Things happen in a small group of people that don’t happen in a big group of people. The Bible gives us many examples of how lives were changed when they met in homes with small groups of people. The same happens today as we hear of how LifeGroups have provided friendship, support, encouragement and an opportunity for a closer relationship with God. Get connected in a LifeGroup and your life will change forever!

I want to be a part of a LifeGroup: How can I Join?

LifeGroups help connect LifePointe members for the purpose of building relationships and promoting spiritual growth by establishing meaningful small groups. LifePointe Church is a growing place and Life Groups are a great way to make a connection with other people in our church. To join a LifeGroup, call us at 817-886-8486 or e-mail our LifeGroups Pastor,  Mike Cranford at: